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With the Axas TV interactive TV services it's easier than ever for me to enjoy my favorite shows. "James Thompson

The growth of digital TV services has been a major factor in my company deciding to use Axas TV for our company's interactive TV needs. "Matthew T. Bartlett CEO of Iron Age Industries, LLC"

Interactive TV services have become increasingly complex when it comes to both implementation and management, but Axas TV has solved both these problems with their product. "Eric Hoard, CMO at MEDIA2MUSIC, LLC"

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THC Vapes: Everything You Need To Know Before You Try

Over the past few years, there’s been a lot of talk about the alternatives to smoking. Finding alternatives to smoking, especially smokeless alternatives has become extremely prevalent in our society following the massive shift in attitude towards public smoking. It’s important to understand that when we talk about smoking, we don’t simply stock about cigarettes but also about cannabis. While the discussion around cigarette smoking has changed a lot, especially starting 15 years ago the reality is that nowadays a lot of the debate is around cannabis as we see more and more governments legalize or decriminalize THC consumption. One of the main alternatives on the market currently is the use of THC vapes. Is it any better than smoking? What’s delve a little deeper into what THC vapes are and understand everything you need to know before you try.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that the existence of vapes mostly comes from a desire to counter the popularity of cigarettes on the market. In the late 2000s there was a massive push to find ways to replace cigarettes but also potentially help people stop smoking. A lot of people turn towards nicotine gum or nicotine patches but eventually, one of the alternatives that took the world by storm was of course the introduction of vapes. While initially it was introduced as a way to stop smoking the reality is that many people who desire to continue smoking add to find a way to continue to get their nicotine fix in our world that was less and less welcoming of smoking. When the creation of more and more smokeless environments many smokers turned to vapes since there was no danger of second-hand smoke along with it.

While many of the vapes use nicotine cartridges that are both easy to use and available in many different flavors it was only a matter of time until this industry would turn its side toward the newly introduced market of cannabis. In the same way that nicotine cartridges allow people to consume nicotine without the general taste of cigarettes or tobacco THC cartridges offer the same thing. Nowadays on the market, you can even find THC cartridges that also have flavors and different strengths the same way that nicotine cartridges do. This is why if you are somebody who wants to try out THC vaping you need to understand the naming convention of the products and understand that the colour of THC oil matters. Mind you it is very important to realize that there are some positives to vaping especially when it comes from a place of switching from cigarettes or from smoking THC products. But there can also be a lot of discussion about the current use of vapes.

When we talk about vaping there are still a lot of unknowns that can be terrifying to many people. The reality is that while vaping has been part of our reality for around 10 to 15 years we still don’t know much about the long-term effects of vaping. Many studies currently are debating whether or not vaping is better than smoking or if perhaps it is a whole different set of issues, it causes that isn’t related to smoking. There is also a very real reality that if you are not careful with your consumption you might develop an addiction both to nicotine and THC depending on the levels you use. One of the issues that comes from how easily you can consume your cartridges is that you might not realize how much you consumed throughout the day. This is why it’s very important to monitor your consumption and make sure that you are doing this healthily. The discussion extended to THC products, especially following the results of studies that showed that many people who consume nicotine through vapes saw a massive increase in their intakes.

If you are willing to try out THC vapes and vaping products in general, it’s important to look at your local regulations to make sure that it is legal. The reality is that around the world currently many countries still do not allow to sale of THC products in any form. If you look at the Western world though you might see that Canada and the United States have loosened their restrictions when it comes to both the sale ownership and consumption of THC products and even have sponsored government programs for the production of said products. This is why for example in Canada you’re seeing government-sponsored dispensaries being opened all around the country. For many people, it means that it’s only a matter of time until other countries change their opinions about THC products. Only time will tell how the wind blows when it comes to general opinions about THC products and their legalization or decriminalization at a larger scale worldwide.

How Sony is Dealing with its PS5 Supply Issues

How Sony is Dealing with its PS5 Supply Issues

The moment gamers have been waiting for has finally arrived. The Next Generation of Consoles. It seems a lifetime ago that the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 released. But no one has forgotten the hard-fought marketing battles and internet rage wars that followed in their wake.

But it seems no new console is without its controversies. And the Playstation 5 is following this trend even before its launch.



The PS5 has been shrouded in secrecy. After the initial reveal event, we heard next to nothing about the console. No price or release date in sight. Naturally, people started to worry. With the holiday season quickly approaching eager fans were dying to know when they could get their hands on the next-gen tech.

And all this hype finally culminated a few days ago when the price and the release date was finally revealed to the world.

But this wasn’t the happy announcement it should have been.


The Issues

A few days before the showcase the world was hit with the news that Sony was struggling to make enough PS5 units. And the shortage wasn’t by a small margin either. They estimated they would be short by nearly ten million units. Now, it is all too easy to think that this isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

For a new console release, a company will purposely only make a certain amount of units. This is by design to stop everyone who wants one from getting one. The idea is to make the product more elusive and pump up demand. A dirty and evil tactic, but an effective one.

So that ten million is being taken from an already small production size. Meaning the console is set to sell fewer units than the new Xbox on release. But this means the PS5 will be playing catch up for years as they try to recover from this.

Stores are already canceling pre-orders as they have been told they won’t be getting as many units as originally promised. People are having their hearts broken after waiting for hours to get their pre-order in.


Their Battle Plan

The first step in recovering from this disaster was winning back online approval. But this isn’t easy. Mainly because the vast majority of the online community is currently PC gaming based. So already they are facing a community that spends their time using hacks for rusty from veterancheats to top the scoreboards. These people are too focused on dominating to be bothered with whatever Sony is peddling.

So they have had to move to a different tactic and win approval with their new Playstation classics bundle. An attempt to win favor by promising a collection of impressive PS4 games ported to the PS5 on release.

While this has won the favor of a few people, overall it seems the general public is still very angry about the shortages. An insider leak has claimed that sony is funneling millions into correction the production shortage as quickly as they can, diverting resources from other sectors such as their TV and Audio tech departments.

We don’t think Sony is going to be able to deal with the full ramifications of their production shortage. Especially considering the state of the world. With more lockdown restrictions looming, the race is on to get production done before they have to close down their production factories for safety reasons.

What do you think? Are you excited for the release of the PS5? Or are you not bothered either way?

Have High Tech Boats Made The Sea Safer or More Dangerous?

Have High Tech Boats Made The Sea Safer or More Dangerous

Sailing has been a part of human culture for as long as we have been living near the sea. Human ingenuity has always driven us to explore further. To push ourselves out into the unknown. And slowly we became masters of the sea. But no matter how advanced our tech gets, the sea is still unforgiving and merciless. A dangerous beast that must be respected. Have high-tech boats made the sea safer? Or has our reliance on technology made it more dangerous than ever? We spoke to our friends at marine insurance Perth to better understand how sailing has changed.

Weather Tracking Technology

One of the biggest upsides to modern technology is the ability to track and monitor weather conditions in real-time. Most advanced boats, such as cruise ships or superyachts, are fitted with scanners that link up to weather stations and can also assess barometric pressure. This allows captains to see if a storm is coming or if the wind is going to pick up. This lets ships avoid dangerous weather and stay safe. This is a huge upside for modern sailing as dangerous weather is one of the leading causes of accidents at sea.

Advanced Sea Lane Tracking Technology

Much like traditional roads and highways, the open seas are filled with traffic. Each day hundreds of boats are crossing the open ocean. You might not know this, but boats have to travel along specific routes in the water to avoid riptides and weather patterns. In the past, there have been a number of accidents due to boats crashing into others during foggy nights. But modern sea lane tracking tech ensures boats always know what other vessels are out at sea at any given time. Making sailing far safer than it ever has been.

What Dangers Does Modern Technology Present?

It might seem like all this technology has made sailing 100% safer than ever before. But is this entirely true? Or is this new technology presenting new risks?

There is one huge risk associated with relying too much on fancy technology. And that risk is over-reliance. If we depend on this tech for our safety too much, if it ever breaks or ceases to function, then there will be a lot more accidents than ever before. Before we had this technology sailors were far more skilled at predicting the weather and navigating. If modern sailors lost their tech, they would be far more useless than their ancestors.

Overall we would say that high-tech boats have made the oceans much safer overall. There are fewer accidents at sea. Shipping lanes are more efficient than ever before. But the sea will never be 100% safe. And it is important that we don’t become too reliant on our technology. There is no substitute for the classic training and intuition of a sailor.

Tactical Training for Valorant: Dominate the Game with Expert Coaching

Tactical Training for Valorant: Dominate the Game with Expert Coaching

Riot games is a name that has become incredibly powerful in the gaming world. The creators of League of Legends, arguably the biggest e-sport game on the planet, have been expanding their gaming catalog with an eclectic mix of games. Team Fight Tactics was a fresh take on the LoL format. Legends Of Reunterra saw Riot dip their feet into the world of card based combat. But perhaps most popular amongst their new titles is Valorant.

An arena based shooter much like Overwatch or Team Fortress 2, Valorant is a tactical FPS filled with a mixture of characters each with their own distinct abilities and play styles. Valorant’s aesthetic is much more grounded than Riot’s other games. But it still offers an intense competitive scene that the company has become known for.

Which means that it is no easy task to ascend up the ranks. Which is why you should consider getting coaching to help you improve at Valorant. Game coaching is nothing new. But what exactly is it? And how can it help you become a Valorant master? This guide is here to help you explain exactly what you can expect from a professional Valorant coach.

Valorant Coaching

As the name suggests, Valorant coaching is a professional service offered by Valorant experts and former professional players. Their aim is to help you improve every aspect of your Valorant gameplay. And not just during the matches either.

Valorant coaches offer a wide range of training regimes. They can help you individually, or they can work with your entire team to help you become an efficient fighting force that will quickly dominate in the ranked que. But what exactly will they be teaching you?

FPS Discipline

The first step in most training regimes they will offer focuses on improving your basic FPS skills. These skills are often transferable between FPS games. The main one being reaction time.
Your coach will most likely institute a strict regime of diet and exercise. The diet part is to ensure you are eating and drinking things that will help improve concentration and reaction time.

The exercises will be a mixture of cardio and reaction focused workouts. Things that primarily improve your finger dexterity and fine motor skills such as climbing or tennis. Any professional gamer will tell you that you need a fit body to be a pro gamer. Poor diet and exercise will leave you miles behind your opposition.

They will also most likely have you try different games altogether to help improve your controller or mouse dexterity. One of the best genres for this is RTS games. If you have ever watched a pro Starcraft player you will see how fast their hands move at all times. Their hand-eye coordination is second to none in the gaming world. So your coach may have you branch out and practice on some of these games to better hone your skills.

Improved Teamwork

The main reason any Valorant ranked team fails is due to poor communication and team cohesion. Sure, sometimes the other team simply outplays you. But you are guaranteed to win more matches if you are operating as a well oiled machine. And these coaches can help you accomplish that.

They will work with you all to construct a better system of communication. Teaching you ways to better call out key strategic information and better vocalize your needs in the heat of battle. They will also help you better find your roles within the team. Find who plays what role best and how to optimize your team composition for victory.

Outside of gaming, the coaches will most likely encourage you and your team to take up a team sport outside of gaming. This is a great way to help you all bond and will translate into a better level of communication during your games.

Map Awareness

The key to victory in any war is knowing your terrain and using that terrain to your advantage. And this rule applies to Valorant too. So one of the main areas your coach will focus on is helping you improve your map knowledge.

Valorant is a fast paced game. The maps offer a lot of opportunity to flank and catch your opponents by surprise. But the same could easily happen to you. Your coaches will walk you through the intricate ins and outs of every map. Helping you better learn the best places to position yourself, and helping you become more aware of where enemies could be hiding.
The map awareness portion of your training blends well with your team cohesion training too. The coach will teach you how best to use your positions alongside your teammates to secure better defensive or offensive positions.