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TV subscribers have a range of recording and program reminder options

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With the Axas TV interactive TV services it's easier than ever for me to enjoy my favorite shows. "James Thompson

The growth of digital TV services has been a major factor in my company deciding to use Axas TV for our company's interactive TV needs. "Matthew T. Bartlett CEO of Iron Age Industries, LLC"

Interactive TV services have become increasingly complex when it comes to both implementation and management, but Axas TV has solved both these problems with their product. "Eric Hoard, CMO at MEDIA2MUSIC, LLC"

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Tactical Training for Valorant: Dominate the Game with Expert Coaching

Tactical Training for Valorant: Dominate the Game with Expert Coaching

Riot games is a name that has become incredibly powerful in the gaming world. The creators of League of Legends, arguably the biggest e-sport game on the planet, have been expanding their gaming catalog with an eclectic mix of games. Team Fight Tactics was a fresh take on the LoL format. Legends Of Reunterra saw Riot dip their feet into the world of card based combat. But perhaps most popular amongst their new titles is Valorant.

An arena based shooter much like Overwatch or Team Fortress 2, Valorant is a tactical FPS filled with a mixture of characters each with their own distinct abilities and play styles. Valorant’s aesthetic is much more grounded than Riot’s other games. But it still offers an intense competitive scene that the company has become known for.

Which means that it is no easy task to ascend up the ranks. Which is why you should consider getting coaching to help you improve at Valorant. Game coaching is nothing new. But what exactly is it? And how can it help you become a Valorant master? This guide is here to help you explain exactly what you can expect from a professional Valorant coach.

Valorant Coaching

As the name suggests, Valorant coaching is a professional service offered by Valorant experts and former professional players. Their aim is to help you improve every aspect of your Valorant gameplay. And not just during the matches either.

Valorant coaches offer a wide range of training regimes. They can help you individually, or they can work with your entire team to help you become an efficient fighting force that will quickly dominate in the ranked que. But what exactly will they be teaching you?

FPS Discipline

The first step in most training regimes they will offer focuses on improving your basic FPS skills. These skills are often transferable between FPS games. The main one being reaction time.
Your coach will most likely institute a strict regime of diet and exercise. The diet part is to ensure you are eating and drinking things that will help improve concentration and reaction time.

The exercises will be a mixture of cardio and reaction focused workouts. Things that primarily improve your finger dexterity and fine motor skills such as climbing or tennis. Any professional gamer will tell you that you need a fit body to be a pro gamer. Poor diet and exercise will leave you miles behind your opposition.

They will also most likely have you try different games altogether to help improve your controller or mouse dexterity. One of the best genres for this is RTS games. If you have ever watched a pro Starcraft player you will see how fast their hands move at all times. Their hand-eye coordination is second to none in the gaming world. So your coach may have you branch out and practice on some of these games to better hone your skills.

Improved Teamwork

The main reason any Valorant ranked team fails is due to poor communication and team cohesion. Sure, sometimes the other team simply outplays you. But you are guaranteed to win more matches if you are operating as a well oiled machine. And these coaches can help you accomplish that.

They will work with you all to construct a better system of communication. Teaching you ways to better call out key strategic information and better vocalize your needs in the heat of battle. They will also help you better find your roles within the team. Find who plays what role best and how to optimize your team composition for victory.

Outside of gaming, the coaches will most likely encourage you and your team to take up a team sport outside of gaming. This is a great way to help you all bond and will translate into a better level of communication during your games.

Map Awareness

The key to victory in any war is knowing your terrain and using that terrain to your advantage. And this rule applies to Valorant too. So one of the main areas your coach will focus on is helping you improve your map knowledge.

Valorant is a fast paced game. The maps offer a lot of opportunity to flank and catch your opponents by surprise. But the same could easily happen to you. Your coaches will walk you through the intricate ins and outs of every map. Helping you better learn the best places to position yourself, and helping you become more aware of where enemies could be hiding.
The map awareness portion of your training blends well with your team cohesion training too. The coach will teach you how best to use your positions alongside your teammates to secure better defensive or offensive positions.

Has Technology Made it Easier Than Ever To Save Money?

Has Technology Made it Easier Than Ever To Save Money?

In the 21st century, every part of our life is being streamlined through the power of technology. Many different aspects of our lives are now only a touch of a button away from being accessed, this is especially true with our banks. Banking and managing your money through your phone is now becoming an increasingly popular way to handle your finances; many users of online banking have not stepped foot physically in a bank in years. Current accounts, savings, and even family accounts can all be accessed through banking apps. There are many perks of a savings account being accessible wherever and whenever you want, including being able to save more money than ever.

Online Banking

The ability to check your bank balance through the ease of your phone has revolutionized the way in which we save money. Being able to check your exact balance without entering a physical bank gives users the knowledge of how much they are saving and when. This oversight on your savings account allows a lot more planning when it comes to large purchases and direct debits. Online banking has forever changed how we interact with our bank, giving us a constant reminder of how much we are spending and where. Combining this with services such as ApplePay has brought both positives and negatives to spending culture. Now with the constant awareness of our money, and the ability to buy through our phones, many spenders have begun to take more risks with small purchases. These little payments constantly add up and have been shown to impact savings in the long run negatively.

Online banking has also provided the opportunity to track and manage interest rates while also transferring money to and from each account. This can lead to smart banking decisions by depositing any spare account change whenever possible. There are also options to lock and ensure no expenditures can come out of your account. With a lock on your account, you are given greater control and are unlikely to fall victim to your own bad habits. By keeping in control of your spending, saving money becomes all the more manageable. It is a hard discipline to keep your money in check, but by constantly being vigilant it’ll be a rewarding experience to reach your savings goal.

Budgeting Apps

There are also many different apps that allow you to create budget plans that will keep your expenditures in check. These apps work by plugging in your direct debits, your average weekly spending, and a saving goal. By putting in all this information, the app will provide reminders and show just where your money is going. It is important to keep track of what you are spending the most on and why, and then figure out ways in which you can cut down on that spending. These apps often come with helpful guides that will limit bad habits and keep you on track to reaching your savings goal.


When it comes to saving money, we are often our own biggest enemy. Technology has made the act of managing our money easier, but it has often created more problems by urging us to spend more conveniently. It is important to look within and ensure we are working towards our goals and not causing ourselves to hold back on saving what we need to. In times of financial crisis, our savings become our lifeline. It is important to nurture and maintain your savings account should you fall into financial ruin, hopefully, technology will only continue to help us in this regard and not hinder us.

Why Is WordPress Such a Good Platform For Your Website

Why Is WordPress Such a Good Platform For Your Website

WordPress is a content management system that many have turned to when lacking an expert skill set of coding and creating their first website. The platform has proven to be user-friendly and has given many the opportunity to craft their first website to a high professional standard. Many users’ businesses have been revolutionized through the platform and their lives have changed for the better. Through working with WordPress you too can craft a technically impressive and responsive website that will give you the online presence that you’ve been looking for.


WordPress has prided itself on being incredibly accessible and user-friendly for just about anyone with a passing knowledge of computers. Anyone who can boot up a PC and open a browser will be able to use WordPress to its highest potential. Through its easy-to-understand instructions and easily applied coding solutions, WordPress can be utilized as a CMS almost from the get-go. Overnight you can transform and streamline the online presence of your website without any outside aid. Unlike other CMS platforms that require you to input the exact functions for specific outcomes, WordPress is built so that you know exactly what you’ll be getting.

Millions of users have been using WordPress to see success and the community on the platform continues to grow; there are plenty of users who are willing to provide aid and the platform is constantly being updated through user feedback. The platform’s endless customization means that it can be built exactly how you want it to be. WordPress provides you the opportunity to make a website that matches your own personality and voice when it comes to your business; no other CSM allows as high a level of customization and personality as WordPress does.

Cost Effective

One of the biggest benefits and a major factor that plays into how accessible WordPress can be, is the platform’s price. With some prices ranging at just mere pocket change a month, WordPress is a worthy investment for anyone looking to boost their online presence. There has never been a better time to invest in a CMS like WordPress. Packages range from Premium Services that allow chat functionality and the opportunity to earn Ad Revenue, to an eCommerce package that allows the opportunity for Search Engine Optimization. Each of these packages are affordable for just about any level of business, from start-ups to the early beginnings of a major money earner. Figuring out what package will suit your business best is entirely dependent on your market strategies. The eCommerce package is a worthy investment if you will be expecting lots of sales, while the Business Package is perfect for any business owner looking to increase their clientbase.


WordPress’s accessibility means that utilizing effective SEO for your business is as easy as setting up an account with WordPress. SEO can be the factor that boosts your business onto the next level like it deserves by boosting you up Google’s rankings. By placing your business at the fore-front of user searches, you’ll be beating out the competition through a strong headstart with how popular your business will be. SEO is an important factor when marketing your business, and by WordPress’s easy implementation its use is a no brainer.

SEO plays an important part in driving traffic to your business, which means that your website will need to look as accessible as possible through WordPress. To ensure a high CRO your website must be able to seal the deal with any traffic that ends up on your website. Through following WordPress’s tutorials and guides to crafting the perfect website for your business, you’ll be ensuring you have the best possible chance of turning clicks into sales. Many businesses suffer through failure to convert traffic into reliable profits, WordPress streamlines this process and gives you the best possible chance in attracting reliable profits.


WordPress has continued to increase in popularity with new business owners and has changed their lives immensely. WordPress has continued to see rave reviews and has seen a continued rate of support and updates, with the platform barely seeing any downtime. If you have any issues while using the platform then wordpress maintenance services are available here at the Websites Seller website. The platform’s easy to use nature is only matched by its easily fixable solutions to downtime. Investing in WordPress is a decision that will transform your business and be the make-or-break decision that can completely change your life.

Simple Techniques for Making Friends Online

Simple Techniques for Making Friends Online

Having friends is a big part of having a happy life. Even if you consider yourself to be extremely introverted, we all need someone that we can talk to from time to time and vent our problems.

For some people, making friends is not as easy as it is for others. Social anxiety and general shyness are very common these days, especially during a time period when we have all been encouraged to stay away from people and stick with ourselves.

When you were in school, it was pretty easy to make friends as you were forced into an environment where you had to speak to people and so it was easier to build that connection. Making friends outside of education is much harder and as you become an adult, it becomes far more difficult to connect with people as you are not always put into situations where making friends is easy.

If you are having a hard time making friends in the real world, you could always try and make friends online. People tend to think making friends online is not the same as having friends in person, but for some people, it can be much better. You are much more likely to share common interests with the people that you meet online, which means that you are much more likely to have a deeper connection with them.

If you have never made friends online, then you may have no idea where to even start. Here are some simple techniques that you can use to make some friends online.

Join Discords

One of the most popular platforms used by regular internet users is Discord. All over the internet, you can find links to different discords that cover different categories. Say you are a gamer, you can find discords full of people that play all of your favorite games and have a lot to say about it.

You can join these Discords and jump straight into a conversation. If a group is open, they are very welcoming to new people and they will try and get new members involved in discussions and debates. If you are not sure what to say to the people in the chat, you could always play some games with them or even ask them some trivia. Everyone loves trivia as it gets you thinking and allows for a debate.

If you notice that there is a radio constantly playing on your Discord, you could always follow on from this with some music trivia questions. If you do not know many questions yourself, you will be happy to know that you can find some music trivia questions with ans throughout the internet, which you will be able to put in any of your groups and start a discussion.

There are groups for making friends

If you look on a social media platform such as Facebook, something that you will quickly notice is that there are a lot of people on these platforms that are eager to make some friends. These people tend to make their very own groups where people can reach out to them and get to know them.

All that you need to do is do a quick search on the platform and you are bound to find groups full of people that are eager to make friends. If you join these groups and post an introductory status, people will respond and maybe even message you.

Something that you have to remember when making friends online is to be careful. You never really know who someone online is, so when you are chatting with new people, do not give away any of your personal information and stay safe.