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Interactive TV Comes With Many Convenient Features

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Using our interactive remote you can shop at home on the home shopping network

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Extensive Recording & Reminder Features

TV subscribers have a range of recording and program reminder options

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With the Axas TV interactive TV services it's easier than ever for me to enjoy my favorite shows. "James Thompson

The growth of digital TV services has been a major factor in my company deciding to use Axas TV for our company's interactive TV needs. "Matthew T. Bartlett CEO of Iron Age Industries, LLC"

Interactive TV services have become increasingly complex when it comes to both implementation and management, but Axas TV has solved both these problems with their product. "Eric Hoard, CMO at MEDIA2MUSIC, LLC"

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Simple Techniques for Making Friends Online

Simple Techniques for Making Friends Online

Having friends is a big part of having a happy life. Even if you consider yourself to be extremely introverted, we all need someone that we can talk to from time to time and vent our problems.

For some people, making friends is not as easy as it is for others. Social anxiety and general shyness are very common these days, especially during a time period when we have all been encouraged to stay away from people and stick with ourselves.

When you were in school, it was pretty easy to make friends as you were forced into an environment where you had to speak to people and so it was easier to build that connection. Making friends outside of education is much harder and as you become an adult, it becomes far more difficult to connect with people as you are not always put into situations where making friends is easy.

If you are having a hard time making friends in the real world, you could always try and make friends online. People tend to think making friends online is not the same as having friends in person, but for some people, it can be much better. You are much more likely to share common interests with the people that you meet online, which means that you are much more likely to have a deeper connection with them.

If you have never made friends online, then you may have no idea where to even start. Here are some simple techniques that you can use to make some friends online.

Join Discords

One of the most popular platforms used by regular internet users is Discord. All over the internet, you can find links to different discords that cover different categories. Say you are a gamer, you can find discords full of people that play all of your favorite games and have a lot to say about it.

You can join these Discords and jump straight into a conversation. If a group is open, they are very welcoming to new people and they will try and get new members involved in discussions and debates. If you are not sure what to say to the people in the chat, you could always play some games with them or even ask them some trivia. Everyone loves trivia as it gets you thinking and allows for a debate.

If you notice that there is a radio constantly playing on your Discord, you could always follow on from this with some music trivia questions. If you do not know many questions yourself, you will be happy to know that you can find some music trivia questions with ans throughout the internet, which you will be able to put in any of your groups and start a discussion.

There are groups for making friends

If you look on a social media platform such as Facebook, something that you will quickly notice is that there are a lot of people on these platforms that are eager to make some friends. These people tend to make their very own groups where people can reach out to them and get to know them.

All that you need to do is do a quick search on the platform and you are bound to find groups full of people that are eager to make friends. If you join these groups and post an introductory status, people will respond and maybe even message you.

Something that you have to remember when making friends online is to be careful. You never really know who someone online is, so when you are chatting with new people, do not give away any of your personal information and stay safe.

7 Of the Best Vapes Perfect for Beginners

Vaping is one of the most effective ways that you can quit smoking by gradually weaning yourself off the nicotine for good, they are much healthier than traditional cigarettes but it must be noted that these products do still contain the highly addictive substance of nicotine. With vaping and e-cigarettes growing so much in popularity recently it can be hard to know which kit to choose especially if you are a beginner. You will be glad to know that most vape shops and online retailers have kits designed specifically for helping first-time users get used to the equipment, as well as teaching how to help use your vape to ensure you never go back o normal tobacco products ever again.  


If you are looking for a vape kit that is reasonably priced, effective, and easy to use the continue reading for seven of the best vapes that are available for purchase, and would be great for those of you who are not yet familiar with maintaining and using a vape or e-cigarette.  


Aspire Zelos

The Aspire Zelos is a pretty new development to hit the e-cigarette market, it is a smaller device with a compact mouthpiece and liquid trank, however, this doesn’t mean that the flavor or cloud can be achieved if any less than the larger devices on the market. The Aspire Zelos would be perfect for a beginner as it is one of the more intuitive kits that you can get, it is easy to disassemble into the three parts for cleaning. Changing the coil is also a breeze ensuring that you can maintain a healthy smoke and that the flavor is not affected. 


Smok V3

Smok is very well known as a well-established brand within the industry, their vapes can be trusted to deliver strong performance and flavor within every puff you take on one of their devices. The Smok V3 is one of their most recent developments with over a million purchases already made on just this single model, it is very simple in design with their classic stick format with an easy-to-fill tank. The starter kit is very affordable and comes with two replacement coils so that you can get fresh smoke free of charge on your first two replacements.  


Voopoo Vinci Pod

Pod vapes are a pretty new development with many people who use vapes favoring the easy replacement pod design over the classic e-cigarette format. Pod vapes are great for beginners as they can be filled very easily by buying replacement flavor tanks that are already filled with e-liquid. The convenience and ease of use that comes with devices such as the Voopoo Vinci pod make them perfect for someone who is just getting started in vaping and if you are unsure about going through with a big kit purchase these are much more affordable without sacrificing the smoke quality.  


Air Bar Lux Disposable

Disposable vapes may not be as cost-effective for a full-time vaper but if you are a beginner who wants to try it out without going ahead and buying a proper device they are perfect. Disposable vapes such as the Air Bar Lux can be picked up at major e-cigarettes retailers for a very affordable price, giving first-time users the opportunity to sample potential flavors and see if vaping is something that is suitable for them without having to buy a full kit. The flavor that can be achieved with the Air Bar Lux is exactly the same if not better than most major models so you are not reducing the quality of your smoke. 


Eleaf Istick

For those of you that are interested in a more natural vape, the Eleaf I stick may be the set up for you, designed to be used with natural e liquids this piece of kit offers a unique and enhanced flavor and cloud quality at no extra expense in comparison to the major brands and devices. The Eleaf is an easy-to-use and maintains E-cigarette that has a large battery capable of lasting the whole day without needing a recharge. 


Smok Novo Pod 4

As previously mentioned Smok is a brand of vape that is well known for being a great option for beginners and amateur vapers, the Smok Novo Pod combines the easy-to-use and replace technology of pod vapes with the simplicity and power of the classic Smok vaping experience. Overall anything that comes from this brand is going to provide value for money without losing out on the power and clouds that can be produced with the larger pieces of kit, if you are a beginner who wants to be able to switch e-liquid flavor at the click of a button then this pod vape kit is definitely the one for you.  


Icon Vape

The final vape on this list that just had to mention as a potential option for beginners would have to be the Icon Vape Series, this range of vapes consists of sleek and compact kits that are easy to use and set up. Some of the larger devices are just unnecessary unless you want to be creating obnoxiously large clouds, with the Icon vape you can easily open up and refill your tank and get back to vaping very easily by simply pushing the main LED-lit button.  

How Companies are using Your Data to Support Your Needs

Various companies utilise your data in several ways, depending on their speciality. Data is said to be the new oil in the post-information age world and many companies harvest your data; be it your personal information or internet cookies and sell them on to other companies. But data can also be vital to the role of a business, especially if your business is one that handles money and is vulnerable to fraud and identity theft, such as a credit provider. When you want to outsource your identity checks and keep your customer’s data in safe hands, you need a Know Your Customer (KYC) provider, as my KYC company, I’ve chosen Fully-Verified. There are many reasons to use a KYC provider, one is due to regulations and restrictions, for example, it is the law for most people buying a cryptocurrency from a market to be verified, in the case for illegal actions and the not so stable rates in which cryptocurrencies are bought; especially bitcoin, which is a risky investment. Your business may need to have a KYC provider and you should check. The reason it is the law for some companies is fraud protection, banks, cryptocurrency providers, credit providers et cetera need fraud protection in case someone tries to open an account in someone else’s name and risk management, so a company can determine how risky it is to allow potential customers to use the service they are providing.


Know Your Customer (KYC) checks can be done manually aka have the customer bring in their proof of address and all the documents needed for a successful check or can be done digitally, using A.I. and among other tools like databases to do it without a person in the room. If you’re a customer and not a company; you might be thinking, why does this apply to me? Well, KYC is a vital tool in protecting your data from people looking to commit fraud, by securing your data so it isn’t stolen to protecting it when it is. It stops people from using stolen information to pose as you as well.


There are many other ways in which companies are using your data to make your life more convenient. Have you ever had to “allow cookies on this website”, companies stock up on your cookies that you have saved into your browser and this contains vast amounts of information on what you have been looking at on the internet, but in general, such as you might contain cookies that say you have been looking at a lot of laptops at the moment, companies, especially ones that use adverts on other websites can tap into this information and display adverts on laptops for you while you are browsing Facebook. This obviously is controversial but it does help and boost companies’ business and allow the customer to re-engage with looking for certain items.

Another way in which company uses your data is to display back to you, for example, your iPhone counting how many steps you did today, or the speed of your five-kilometre run. Many people enjoy looking back at these statistics and even use them to get healthier. Many applications’ sole purpose is for the runner to see how long their run is so they can set up a target for next time, and this data can be processed to display the average speed per kilometre, average running pace per second, and allow users to save this data so they have a catalogue of their previous runs.

Data is important to companies but can also benefit the customer, it all depends on the need of the data.