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Tactical Training for Valorant: Dominate the Game with Expert Coaching

Tactical Training for Valorant: Dominate the Game with Expert Coaching

Riot games is a name that has become incredibly powerful in the gaming world. The creators of League of Legends, arguably the biggest e-sport game on the planet, have been expanding their gaming catalog with an eclectic mix of games. Team Fight Tactics was a fresh take on the LoL format. Legends Of Reunterra saw Riot dip their feet into the world of card based combat. But perhaps most popular amongst their new titles is Valorant.

An arena based shooter much like Overwatch or Team Fortress 2, Valorant is a tactical FPS filled with a mixture of characters each with their own distinct abilities and play styles. Valorant’s aesthetic is much more grounded than Riot’s other games. But it still offers an intense competitive scene that the company has become known for.

Which means that it is no easy task to ascend up the ranks. Which is why you should consider getting coaching to help you improve at Valorant. Game coaching is nothing new. But what exactly is it? And how can it help you become a Valorant master? This guide is here to help you explain exactly what you can expect from a professional Valorant coach.

Valorant Coaching

As the name suggests, Valorant coaching is a professional service offered by Valorant experts and former professional players. Their aim is to help you improve every aspect of your Valorant gameplay. And not just during the matches either.

Valorant coaches offer a wide range of training regimes. They can help you individually, or they can work with your entire team to help you become an efficient fighting force that will quickly dominate in the ranked que. But what exactly will they be teaching you?

FPS Discipline

The first step in most training regimes they will offer focuses on improving your basic FPS skills. These skills are often transferable between FPS games. The main one being reaction time.
Your coach will most likely institute a strict regime of diet and exercise. The diet part is to ensure you are eating and drinking things that will help improve concentration and reaction time.

The exercises will be a mixture of cardio and reaction focused workouts. Things that primarily improve your finger dexterity and fine motor skills such as climbing or tennis. Any professional gamer will tell you that you need a fit body to be a pro gamer. Poor diet and exercise will leave you miles behind your opposition.

They will also most likely have you try different games altogether to help improve your controller or mouse dexterity. One of the best genres for this is RTS games. If you have ever watched a pro Starcraft player you will see how fast their hands move at all times. Their hand-eye coordination is second to none in the gaming world. So your coach may have you branch out and practice on some of these games to better hone your skills.

Improved Teamwork

The main reason any Valorant ranked team fails is due to poor communication and team cohesion. Sure, sometimes the other team simply outplays you. But you are guaranteed to win more matches if you are operating as a well oiled machine. And these coaches can help you accomplish that.

They will work with you all to construct a better system of communication. Teaching you ways to better call out key strategic information and better vocalize your needs in the heat of battle. They will also help you better find your roles within the team. Find who plays what role best and how to optimize your team composition for victory.

Outside of gaming, the coaches will most likely encourage you and your team to take up a team sport outside of gaming. This is a great way to help you all bond and will translate into a better level of communication during your games.

Map Awareness

The key to victory in any war is knowing your terrain and using that terrain to your advantage. And this rule applies to Valorant too. So one of the main areas your coach will focus on is helping you improve your map knowledge.

Valorant is a fast paced game. The maps offer a lot of opportunity to flank and catch your opponents by surprise. But the same could easily happen to you. Your coaches will walk you through the intricate ins and outs of every map. Helping you better learn the best places to position yourself, and helping you become more aware of where enemies could be hiding.
The map awareness portion of your training blends well with your team cohesion training too. The coach will teach you how best to use your positions alongside your teammates to secure better defensive or offensive positions.

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