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How Sony is Dealing with its PS5 Supply Issues

How Sony is Dealing with its PS5 Supply Issues

The moment gamers have been waiting for has finally arrived. The Next Generation of Consoles. It seems a lifetime ago that the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 released. But no one has forgotten the hard-fought marketing battles and internet rage wars that followed in their wake.

But it seems no new console is without its controversies. And the Playstation 5 is following this trend even before its launch.



The PS5 has been shrouded in secrecy. After the initial reveal event, we heard next to nothing about the console. No price or release date in sight. Naturally, people started to worry. With the holiday season quickly approaching eager fans were dying to know when they could get their hands on the next-gen tech.

And all this hype finally culminated a few days ago when the price and the release date was finally revealed to the world.

But this wasn’t the happy announcement it should have been.


The Issues

A few days before the showcase the world was hit with the news that Sony was struggling to make enough PS5 units. And the shortage wasn’t by a small margin either. They estimated they would be short by nearly ten million units. Now, it is all too easy to think that this isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

For a new console release, a company will purposely only make a certain amount of units. This is by design to stop everyone who wants one from getting one. The idea is to make the product more elusive and pump up demand. A dirty and evil tactic, but an effective one.

So that ten million is being taken from an already small production size. Meaning the console is set to sell fewer units than the new Xbox on release. But this means the PS5 will be playing catch up for years as they try to recover from this.

Stores are already canceling pre-orders as they have been told they won’t be getting as many units as originally promised. People are having their hearts broken after waiting for hours to get their pre-order in.


Their Battle Plan

The first step in recovering from this disaster was winning back online approval. But this isn’t easy. Mainly because the vast majority of the online community is currently PC gaming based. So already they are facing a community that spends their time using hacks for rusty from veterancheats to top the scoreboards. These people are too focused on dominating to be bothered with whatever Sony is peddling.

So they have had to move to a different tactic and win approval with their new Playstation classics bundle. An attempt to win favor by promising a collection of impressive PS4 games ported to the PS5 on release.

While this has won the favor of a few people, overall it seems the general public is still very angry about the shortages. An insider leak has claimed that sony is funneling millions into correction the production shortage as quickly as they can, diverting resources from other sectors such as their TV and Audio tech departments.

We don’t think Sony is going to be able to deal with the full ramifications of their production shortage. Especially considering the state of the world. With more lockdown restrictions looming, the race is on to get production done before they have to close down their production factories for safety reasons.

What do you think? Are you excited for the release of the PS5? Or are you not bothered either way?

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