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Have High Tech Boats Made The Sea Safer or More Dangerous?

Have High Tech Boats Made The Sea Safer or More Dangerous

Sailing has been a part of human culture for as long as we have been living near the sea. Human ingenuity has always driven us to explore further. To push ourselves out into the unknown. And slowly we became masters of the sea. But no matter how advanced our tech gets, the sea is still unforgiving and merciless. A dangerous beast that must be respected. Have high-tech boats made the sea safer? Or has our reliance on technology made it more dangerous than ever? We spoke to our friends at marine insurance Perth to better understand how sailing has changed.

Weather Tracking Technology

One of the biggest upsides to modern technology is the ability to track and monitor weather conditions in real-time. Most advanced boats, such as cruise ships or superyachts, are fitted with scanners that link up to weather stations and can also assess barometric pressure. This allows captains to see if a storm is coming or if the wind is going to pick up. This lets ships avoid dangerous weather and stay safe. This is a huge upside for modern sailing as dangerous weather is one of the leading causes of accidents at sea.

Advanced Sea Lane Tracking Technology

Much like traditional roads and highways, the open seas are filled with traffic. Each day hundreds of boats are crossing the open ocean. You might not know this, but boats have to travel along specific routes in the water to avoid riptides and weather patterns. In the past, there have been a number of accidents due to boats crashing into others during foggy nights. But modern sea lane tracking tech ensures boats always know what other vessels are out at sea at any given time. Making sailing far safer than it ever has been.

What Dangers Does Modern Technology Present?

It might seem like all this technology has made sailing 100% safer than ever before. But is this entirely true? Or is this new technology presenting new risks?

There is one huge risk associated with relying too much on fancy technology. And that risk is over-reliance. If we depend on this tech for our safety too much, if it ever breaks or ceases to function, then there will be a lot more accidents than ever before. Before we had this technology sailors were far more skilled at predicting the weather and navigating. If modern sailors lost their tech, they would be far more useless than their ancestors.

Overall we would say that high-tech boats have made the oceans much safer overall. There are fewer accidents at sea. Shipping lanes are more efficient than ever before. But the sea will never be 100% safe. And it is important that we don’t become too reliant on our technology. There is no substitute for the classic training and intuition of a sailor.

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