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A Look at Samsung’s New Lego TV

For most people Lego is a childhood-maker, whether you built your first car, had a go at running your own airport, or even played the video games based on Lego properties. We’ve all got a little bit of Lego inside our hearts. As we grow up, we all want to recapture our childhood whether for ourselves or vicariously through our children. There are now sites that you can look to at to rekindle your love for this block-building pastime, the lego on stonefoot offers reviews and sale of these plastic creations for everybody from one to one hundred.

Another secret fan seems to be Samsung who are breaking into the construction market, not with bricks but with TVs. A quick look at the new Samsung Television will show no obvious differences, appearing like a standard screen that would appear in any home, but there is more to this 65-inch display. It is not one screen, but two!

The two, now separated, monitors are remnant of two squares, but even this is a clever illusion. They are, in truth, slightly rectangular, this means that when fitted together they create a full and new shape. Meaning that your perceivably 65-inch TV with 16:9 aspect ratio is now 91-inch TV with a ratio of 21:9, and what do you have to do to activate such a change? Well, it’s a simple rotation.

You may be reading this and think ‘why does this exist?’ Well, most movies are shot in 21:9 meaning that on standard sets you see black lines on the bottom and top of your screen, meaning if you’d like to splash out on this very cool, if not unique, living room entertainment then the problems of switching between 16:9 and 21:9 is as easy as spinning a screen.

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