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4 Ingenious Tech Gadgets You May Not Have Heard of

Radica Pocket Word Scramble Electronic Game 2000 71012

If you’re looking for an addictive hand-held game console that isn’t too complicated, the Radica Pocket Word Scramble could be the perfect game to keep your mind occupied when you’re just feeling a bit bored. It’s lots of fun trying to figure out how to make the jumbled letters into a word before the time runs out. It is also something that anyone from the family can play as well. It can be challenging at times, but if you get stuck and need to cheat a little you can always look online for solutions to unscramble words.

GE C Color Changing Smart Bulbs

Featuring a slick, hubless design, this smart bulb uses your phones Bluetooth for activation, meaning you can turn it on from wherever you are in the house. It’s also fully compatible with Google Home, meaning that you can control the bulb using Google Assistant. The best and most useful feature however is its voice control options, as it allows you to control the bulb remotely by simply using your voice.

Unravel Portable Fast Wireless Charging Station

This charging station has a patent-pending design with a versatile hinge thus allowing you to configure it in three convenient positions. Lay it flat and use any of the multiple 10W wireless charging pads to charge up to three Qi-enabled devices at once. Put into the triangle stand position and you can use FaceTime or video playback while your device charges. Thirdly, fold it up and you can save space and just charge one device. This also you means you can pack it up so its portable and put into the Unravel travel case, making it convenient for travelling.

OPKIXOne Tiny Wearable Video Camera

This tiny wearable video camera is extremely convenient for videoing anything from beautiful scenery to concerts and shows. It’s compact yet powerful design means that you can film and still live in the moment rather than worrying about getting out your smartphone to capture things. The OPKIXOne also boasts a 1080p resolution at 30 fps. Additionally, it is made from aerospace aluminium, so the camera is very durable and will last for a long time. Another thing is its sapphire glass lens cover which protects the lens even in harsh environments.

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