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Will Gaming Ever Be on TV Like Regular Sports?

There has been rampant debate on whether E-sports constitute real sports with those citing Call of Duty and League of Legends as examples due to their focus on the mental aspect of sport; the dedication to the craft and the frequent  practice and training so they are at height of their skills.

As we enter 2020 many games are being re-assessed, more casual games such as Tetris and mobile games such as AFK Arena are becoming far more skill-based and require intimate guides much the same as the console-shooters and PC strategy games. One guide for the aforementioned AFK Arena can be found here: afk guide which has all you need to excel in the game and also access codes that can put you leaps above the average player.

Although late-night talk show hosts such as Jimmy Kimmel are quick to criticise the gaming market, jokingly questioning the need to watch someone else play a game when you can just play it yourself. There is a genuine interest in the younger generations to entertain themselves by watching streamers and Youtubers play games that they may even have access to themselves, seeking out ‘pro-tips’ and how to play the game better or more efficiently.

We live in a new age in the way we access and digest media, having the option of TV and the internet to quench any thirst for enjoyment. As a result, the internet has spawned new types of entertainment, such as putting a spotlight on the gaming scene. It is up to those in high places to decide whether gaming can justifiably be projected to our silver screens, but gaming is undoubtedly climbing it’s way up through the catacombs of the Web to find its way to greater prevalence than it has ever enjoyed before.

Gaming has begun almost to sneak onto our television sets through bigger sports-centred channels namely ESPN who host tournaments for the likes of DOTA 2, Hearthstone and League of Legends. Suggesting that there is an appetite for this modern medium and the acknowledgement that there is an audience out there, and beyond that an audience who regularly get their fix from TV. As with any change though this didn’t come without backlash by old-school watchers and sports fans alike who deem such displays as not ‘real’ sports and condemn the showing of them on a primarily ‘real’ sports channels.

As with anything recent, moods may or may not change. If the medium continues to progress we may not only  see E-sports, but casual gaming playthroughs and TV shows who’s central arch is based around Gaming, it’s hard to disagree with the numbers that streaming platforms like Twitch and Mixer pull in or the views that YouTube can boast about, what remains to be seen is whether those invested in the platforms want or feel the need to move from the desktop back to the classic set up that made many a childhood.

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