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How Television Technology Has Advanced in Just 10 Years

In just ten years technology has advanced greatly, especially when it comes to our televisions. Ten years ago a flat screen TV with a slimmer bezel was a rarity in the average household with extremely heavy and large backed devices being common. 

Smart TV

There was no notion of internet connections or smart TVs with the ability to connect to our everyday apps such as Netflix or iPlayer and the limited freeview channels were more popular as opposed to the thousands of channels that are available at the touch of a button thanks to Sky and Virgin Media. There have also been significant developments in the picture quality of a TV that is now available compared to ten years ago. 

Within ten years we’ve gone from these outdated models being seen in almost every household to a large flat screen TV sitting in each of our living rooms. There’s 3D TVs, smart TVs, portable TVs, all made to suit completely different lifestyles and situations.

There has been so much change in how things were 10 years ago when it comes to televisions I would say that this is down to the increased popularity and need for television as a form of entertainment.

This need has encouraged a development in the creation of all these brand new features, and as this is a competitive industry with consumers wanting to get the best available models the market has been given a boost generating television companies alot of watching tv

As a final note I would say that television has become such an importance to everyday people it is deemed a necessity by the public which encourages the speedy developments in the technology, and this is why there has been such a big change in such a short period of time.

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