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How Have Vapes Evolved Over Time?

How Have Vapes Evolved Over Time?

What you may have noticed is that vaping has become incredibly popular. When vaping was first introduced, it was introduced with the intention of helping people to quit smoking. These days, vapes are used for more of a recreational reason and people tend to enjoy them because of the flavor profiles that you can buy. Vapes are a huge part of society these days and it is rare that you will find someone that does not take part in vaping or owns vape kits. However, not a lot of people can tell you how vaping started and how it has evolved. Here is a look at how vaping has evolved over time.

Where Did Vaping Start?

Before we get into what we know about the creation of the modern day vape, we should first explore where the initial concept of the vape started and its inventor, Herbert Gilbert.. He created his invention during the 1960s, this was the time where the world had finally started to become much more aware of the risks of smoking and the correlation between smoking and cancer. Before this, mostly everyone smoked cigarettes and it was a really big part of society, mostly because nobody understood the risks that came with it.

Herbert Gilbert was a scrap metal dealer from Beaver Falls, which meant that he had access to a lot of useful materials. With the spare time that he had between work, he created a black aluminum cylinder which had a silver tip. He called this invention the ‘smokeless’. This was the first blueprint for the vape and he used this cylinder as a heating element to heat up a liquid and then create a vapor for the user to smoke. Though Herbet Gilbert did not go out of his way to have his invention mass produced, he did pave the way for other people to take his idea and produce some amazing products.

Where Did Vaping Become Commercialised?

Though you may not be familiar with the name, the person that you have to thank for the commercial creation of the vape is Hon Lik. Hon Lik was not an inventor, but he was a pharmacist and this means that he was really exposed to the damage that could be caused by smoking and he saw people come in everyday to pick up medication to fight this problem.

The issue was that Hon was a smoker himself and so he tried to block the thought of the issues associated with smoking from his mind and he did not want to think about it, instead living in blissful ignorance. This was the case until his father passed away due to lung cancer and this was a real wakeup call for Hon and he knew that he had to quit smoking himself.

Hon tried a lot of different quitting methods and then realized that, as well as being addicted to nicotine, he was addicted to the habitual behavior of smoking and he needed something that would help him work on these habits.

He started to create something that would imitate the smoking experience, without the damage of smoking and he was then able to create the first vape that he kept for personal use. He had access to high capacity batteries and he was able to use this to power his vape. In late 2001, he realized that there was a real gap in the market for a product like this and he then took the vape idea to the market.

The Vape of Today

The vape has come a long way since its initial inception and the vape of day would not be recognizable in comparison to the original vape. There are many aspects that have changed. The original vape was really small and really discreet, whereas people now don’t mind if people see them vape and others in fact want to be seen and want to make the biggest vape cloud that they possibly can.

This means that you will see a lot of people walking around with vapes with huge tanks and batteries. The tastes have also really changed in the last few years, the most flavor that you could have had was probably mint, but now you can get just about every flavor.

Disposable Vapes

We live in a world where we all want instant gratification and for a lot of us, the process of filling and operating a reusable vape feels like a waste of time. You can get a disposable vape for under ten dollars and there are a variety of flavors that you can choose from. Most vapes have around 1500 puffs, so you can use them for a number of weeks without them running out. If you are someone that just wants to try vaping to see if it works for you, disposable vapes may be the way forward.

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