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5 Handy Gadgets You Should Add to your Craft Station

If you are someone that loves to craft, then you will probably be up to date with all of the new handy gadgets that have been released onto the market to cater to all you craft lovers out there. Crafting is done widely these days, so businesses have found a way to cash in by releasing a long line of products that’ll allow all of your crafters to create the besten bastel geschenke für jungs and girls. However, it can be difficult to decide which crafting tool will actually be useful and is worth adding to your crafting station, but fear not we have compiled a list of five handy gadgets that you should add to your station right now.


Hot Glue Gun

A hot glue gun is a must-have in any craft station. Just about every craft requires the assistance of a trusty hot glue gun, so it’s always useful to have one on hand. A lot of people opt out of using a hot glue gun due to the price of a lot of models, however, a prit-stick or PVA simply will not do the job of a sturdy glue gun. Glue guns do come with their own safety risks, so if you choose to own one, make sure you keep it in a safe location so children can’t access it.


Hole Punch

One of the more underappreciated tools that you could have in your craft set is a hole punch. There are millions of crafts that require you to be able to make perfect circles or cut through thick fabric, so having a hole punch to hand can be very useful. Plus, hole punches save you a lot of work trying to maneuver tiny scissors in an attempt to cut a little hole.



Again, a laminator is one of those items that goes massively underappreciated. How many times have you had fine detail projects be damaged by general wear and tear? Well, lamination could be the solution to all of your problems, you just don’t know it yet. You can find many reasonably priced laminators and they really are handy. If you are someone who likes crafting scrapbooks and other crafts that include pictures, lamination is a great way to protect any printed off pictures.



A printer may seem like an obvious addition to your craft collection, but a lot of people still don’t have them at their stations. The return that you get from printers is priceless. They are not only great for any craft projects that you may have, but they are also extremely useful for everyday use. Are you someone that does a lot of paperwork? Printers are incredibly useful to keep in the home so that you can keep a physical copy of any document that you may sign online. Not only this but if you are working on a craft project that requires pictures, you don’t have to look through magazines or books to find the right one, you can simply get one within a click of a button.



Tablets are a must-have for any crafting fanatic out there. They are lightweight and small in size, meaning they can comfortably sit beside you as you are crafting. If you are someone who enjoys following tutorials when you craft, a tablet will be your best friend as you can easily watch videos on them while also having room to complete your craft. Tablets are useful if you are someone who enjoys listening to music while you craft too, as you can usually access most streaming apps.

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