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The 3 Most Interesting Tech Startups of 2019

2019 has been a great year for technology, with strong developments across a range of industries there have been more and more innovative releases within the tech world. These fresh developments have brought a lot of revenue to the industry but there have been boosts across a whole variety of companies from Canadian insurance companies ( because so much money is being made there is more demand for IT Insurance) to technology manufacturing ( as there has been an increase in the amount of tech production). Another area we can see the new developments of tech causing an increase is through the increased amount of tech startups that are appearing. There have been some pretty amazing tech startups emerging and here are just three of the ones that we think are the best for 2019. Apart from these three, the types of vapes have increased with technology.


Applied Intuition

Applied intuition is a company with a very niche market, particularly within the self-driving car industry. With new and new developments being made on the journey to autonomous vehicles it is clear as to why this company has undergone much success in recent years. Applied Intuition focuses directly on the software that goes towards making a car drive itself, with rigorous testing there is still a little while before these cars will be a part of mainstream society, but giant leaps have been made towards that goal.

With Tesla making the release of some of the first self-driving cars ever, competitors have definitely decided to put more manpower into this project in recent years. This new and increased demand has definitely placed more of a strain on tech startups like Applied Intuition, and as a result, more money has been provided in order to cover extra costs like more employees and workspace to deal with the increased demand.

Applied Intuition is worthy of a place on this list, down to the sheer fact of the leaps they have made in terms of progression within their industry. Too often we see a company that has clearly emerged because of the fact that a new concept has arrived on the market and they wish to achieve quick and easy success. With Applied intuition it is clear it came from a place of passion, only the best are employed in order to ensure software as intricate as what is used in the self-driving cars is manufactured to the highest standard.


Atrium is another very unique tech startup to have had major success in 2019, ( this has been a great year for the more niche tech startups). Atrium is a company that combines both the law and technology industry, by using software and great on-site lawyers, Atrium provides tech solutions for law-related issues. Using software for things like processing law documents, atrium is a service that can really make menial jobs like basic paperwork a lot easier.

AI is a product that has entered many of our homes especially in 2019, with products like the Amazon Echo and Google home being released as a mainstream product, AI has become more readily available within the commercial setting. These same developments in AI have allowed Atrium to combine two very different but very successful industries. The legal advice and solicitor industry has always been in large demand so for a company to provide tech solutions to tasks that would usually require a lot of manpower is a great way to give the industry a further boost.

Because the menial tasks can now be dealt with without wasting the time of skilled employees, more time can be spent doing important stuff such as client interaction. When a company remains in strong demand it can be very common for the basics within a business to slip with things like customer service often being placed under-delivering the service in terms of importance. It is nice to see a tech startup such as Atrium having such a positive impact so quickly on a mainstream business.

Boulder Care

Boulder Care is a company that has a very honourable cause, it strives to help those trying to overcome opium addiction. Opium addiction is something that is not as common as it used to be in modern society however, this does not mean that there aren’t people still suffering from the issues it can cause. Boulder Care offers support to those who need help by developing the software to create an application that works with local Gps to offer a helping hand when the doctors are not readily available.

With a mobile app being the platform, clients are able to access a plethora of documents meant to educate and guide those who are going through a tough time. With a messaging platform to a team of professionals, clients are also able to chat with trained individuals who are able to deal with things like possible relapses, stress or even just for a chat, they aim to guide clients to a full recovery and users can choose to continue or end their subscription depending on how often they need it.

Boulder Care is another great example of a tech startup with aims to make the lives of the public better, by using technological solutions this way in order to help others it is no surprise that this company has made a huge success of itself. It is clear to see that it is the tech startups that are genuine and have a mission to help people that have the best public responses and the best success.

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