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5 Interesting Things Your Phone Can Do You Probably Didn’t Know About

5 Interesting Things Your Phone Can Do You Probably Didn't Know About

Mobile phones have grown to be daily use tools that we spend more time on than any other electronic tool. Despite all this time spent with these pocket screens, Android has many features hidden in plain sight that can make your life much easier if you know how to use them, but mostly if you know they exist. So, here’s a list of 5 things your mobile android phone can do that most people aren’t aware of.

Side by Side Apps

As screens grow bigger and bigger, sometimes the urge to run two different apps at once can seem appealing. Turns out it is not only appealing but also possible ever since the release of Android 7.0 Nougat in 2019. To use different apps at once you will have to swipe up from the bottom to reach the application carousel. From there swipe to the app, you want to use and find the circle in the corner of the preview of the map. This should open a menu, simply press on Split Top. Do keep in mind that not all apps support this feature!

Independent Volume Control

While not exactly hidden, this feature can be a little out of the way for most users and greatly improve your experience with your android phone. Your android phone has four different audio controls: the ringtone, notification sounds, keyboard feedback noise, and lastly music, games, and other media. Simply press the volume control button on the side of your phone and once the volume prompt appears on the screen, press the small arrow on the side. This will open a large sound menu that allows you to control all types of sounds individually.

Disable the lock screen in trusted places

Open the settings and open the Security window. Scroll down to the Advanced Settings and set up the Smart Lock. Smart Lock has a Trusted Places option that will make it, so you don’t need to enter your pin when using your phone at home. You can also turn on options that allow Trusted Places to disable your pin when it’s connected to a trusted Bluetooth device. These devices will ping a phone with trusted places turned on and Smart Lock will deactivate the PIN lock screen to allow easy and quick use of the phone.

Finding lost notifications

Sometimes when going through notifications you will accidentally swipe one you really wanted to check out and completely blank on what it was. To recover them, simply hold down on the home screen and select the Widget option and open the Settings window. Drag the icon with your finger on your home screen. There a list will open and from there you can select Notification log and there you will see a full history of the notifications you’ve dismissed before. You can now easily see what you missed and bring them back to the home screen for further investigation.

Wi-fi direct file transfer

Sometimes transferring files through Bluetooth can seem slow and sluggish, little-known fact; Wi-fi Direct has the same feature as Bluetooth but is not as readily available as Bluetooth on all phones. Transferring files with Wi-fi direct is pretty easy, in Settings and Connections, tap on Wi-Fi and then Wi-Fi Direct. The connection may take a few seconds but eventually, you will connect, and simply by pressing Share and choosing Wi-Fi direct, you will be able to share your files at lightning speed without any third-party app.

All these are simple yet fun hidden features that will make using your android phone a little easier. There are of course more secret features and more to come, so to the tech-savvy Android users, you can always keep an eye on the android patch notes to know what new feature will come to your gadget next.

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