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Using our interactive remote you can shop at home on the home shopping network

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Extensive Recording & Reminder Features

TV subscribers have a range of recording and program reminder options

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With the Axas TV interactive TV services it's easier than ever for me to enjoy my favorite shows. "James Thompson

The growth of digital TV services has been a major factor in my company deciding to use Axas TV for our company's interactive TV needs. "Matthew T. Bartlett CEO of Iron Age Industries, LLC"

Interactive TV services have become increasingly complex when it comes to both implementation and management, but Axas TV has solved both these problems with their product. "Eric Hoard, CMO at MEDIA2MUSIC, LLC"

Tech & Media News

How App Technology Has Revolutionized Dating.

The dating world can be a confusing place to begin to get into, and with many of us turning to dating apps it could be argued that app technology has revolutionized the dating world. Before all of these new apps were released you had to tackle dating head on and go out into the world in person and find yourself a date. After rejections and rejections it can be easy to give up on the dating scene altogether, but thanks to these new apps you are able to miss out all of the awkwardness and get to know someone before you have actually met them. This allows maybe those who are not the most confident to put out all of the things they like about themselves and are confident with, out into the world. Making your own online dating profile  allows potential dates to get some preliminary information on you so that they can make a decision as to whether they would like to meet or not.

This cuts out any awkwardness and can allow you to begin building a relationship before a meet up. Obviously there is risk to the lack of meeting face to face because there are people out there who take advantage of the anonymity and who may be inclined to lie. My best advice to avoid any dangerous situations like this would be to take your time, don’t go rushing into anything you have all the time in the world and it is important that you get to know the person you are speaking to before you meet. Another tip would be that for the first few times that you do meet, do not go alone taking your friend can be a great way to ensure your safety as well as ease any nervousness as you have a friend there for moral support.

Although there are people out there who take advantage of these dating apps, they are still pretty remarkable r creations that have the ability to help so many people find love. These apps have quickly grown in popularity especially over the last few years, this could be down to the vast increase in the use of technology particularly phones and it really does add a sense of simplicity to finding the perfect relationship.

As these apps grow in popularity the success rate of them grows, this is because as the popularity grows so does the amount of users meaning that there is constantly more and more people to choose from this increasing the rate of success. Furthers as the success rate grows so does the amount of users as more and more people are hearing about success stories in terms or finding relationships, and as the word spreads so does the volume of people that are joining the app making it so much more effective for you to find a suitable partner.

This multi million industry does have some frontrunner and websites like  This website has created a guide to questions to ask a girl on a first date and subsequently caused the creation of more and more advice pages offering tips when it comes to things like kissing girls , so many of us are looking for advice when it comes to finding a partner and so you may wish to turn to an advice forum as opposed to just finding an app to get advice on which to choose.

Overall, the revolutionized dating app industry is definitely one to watch with so many new apps coming onto the market there is plenty of choice. With so much choice being available it can be hard to know which apps are reliable, my advice would be to look at reviews and people own experiences on the apps and decide whether it looks like something of interest to you and what you wish to get out of a relationship, it is important to take the time to find the correct application that suits your lifestyle and the kind of relationship you are looking to get and with the correct research it isn’t difficult to do.

At the end of the day it cannot do any harm to get yourself out there and who knows you may even find yourself getting happiness through a meaningful relationship.

Will Gaming Ever Be on TV Like Regular Sports?

There has been rampant debate on whether E-sports constitute real sports with those citing Call of Duty and League of Legends as examples due to their focus on the mental aspect of sport; the dedication to the craft and the frequent  practice and training so they are at height of their skills.

As we enter 2020 many games are being re-assessed, more casual games such as Tetris and mobile games such as AFK Arena are becoming far more skill-based and require intimate guides much the same as the console-shooters and PC strategy games. One guide for the aforementioned AFK Arena can be found here: afk guide which has all you need to excel in the game and also access codes that can put you leaps above the average player.

Although late-night talk show hosts such as Jimmy Kimmel are quick to criticise the gaming market, jokingly questioning the need to watch someone else play a game when you can just play it yourself. There is a genuine interest in the younger generations to entertain themselves by watching streamers and Youtubers play games that they may even have access to themselves, seeking out ‘pro-tips’ and how to play the game better or more efficiently.

We live in a new age in the way we access and digest media, having the option of TV and the internet to quench any thirst for enjoyment. As a result, the internet has spawned new types of entertainment, such as putting a spotlight on the gaming scene. It is up to those in high places to decide whether gaming can justifiably be projected to our silver screens, but gaming is undoubtedly climbing it’s way up through the catacombs of the Web to find its way to greater prevalence than it has ever enjoyed before.

Gaming has begun almost to sneak onto our television sets through bigger sports-centred channels namely ESPN who host tournaments for the likes of DOTA 2, Hearthstone and League of Legends. Suggesting that there is an appetite for this modern medium and the acknowledgement that there is an audience out there, and beyond that an audience who regularly get their fix from TV. As with any change though this didn’t come without backlash by old-school watchers and sports fans alike who deem such displays as not ‘real’ sports and condemn the showing of them on a primarily ‘real’ sports channels.

As with anything recent, moods may or may not change. If the medium continues to progress we may not only  see E-sports, but casual gaming playthroughs and TV shows who’s central arch is based around Gaming, it’s hard to disagree with the numbers that streaming platforms like Twitch and Mixer pull in or the views that YouTube can boast about, what remains to be seen is whether those invested in the platforms want or feel the need to move from the desktop back to the classic set up that made many a childhood.

How Television Technology Has Advanced in Just 10 Years

In just ten years technology has advanced greatly, especially when it comes to our televisions. Ten years ago a flat screen TV with a slimmer bezel was a rarity in the average household with extremely heavy and large backed devices being common. 

Smart TV

There was no notion of internet connections or smart TVs with the ability to connect to our everyday apps such as Netflix or iPlayer and the limited freeview channels were more popular as opposed to the thousands of channels that are available at the touch of a button thanks to Sky and Virgin Media. There have also been significant developments in the picture quality of a TV that is now available compared to ten years ago. 

Within ten years we’ve gone from these outdated models being seen in almost every household to a large flat screen TV sitting in each of our living rooms. There’s 3D TVs, smart TVs, portable TVs, all made to suit completely different lifestyles and situations.

There has been so much change in how things were 10 years ago when it comes to televisions I would say that this is down to the increased popularity and need for television as a form of entertainment.

This need has encouraged a development in the creation of all these brand new features, and as this is a competitive industry with consumers wanting to get the best available models the market has been given a boost generating television companies alot of watching tv

As a final note I would say that television has become such an importance to everyday people it is deemed a necessity by the public which encourages the speedy developments in the technology, and this is why there has been such a big change in such a short period of time.