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5 Handy Gadgets You Should Add to your Craft Station

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If you are someone that loves to craft, then you will probably be up to date with all of the new handy gadgets that have been released onto the market to cater to all you craft lovers out there. Crafting is done widely these days, so businesses have found a way to cash in by […]

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Will Gaming Ever Be on TV Like Regular Sports?

There has been rampant debate on whether E-sports constitute real sports with those citing Call of Duty and League of Legends as examples due to their focus on the mental aspect of sport; the dedication to the craft and the frequent ¬†practice and training so they are at height of their skills. As we enter […]

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How Television Technology Has Advanced in Just 10 Years

In just ten years technology has advanced greatly, especially when it comes to our televisions.

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